Our School Environment
Be prepared… As you step inside the hallways of Blaine, and take a look around the classrooms, art room, music room, gymnasium, and offices, you’ll begin to notice a common pattern: Hard-working students, and a dedicated community of faculty, staff, administration, and parent volunteers, all striving for excellence. At Blaine, we share your commitment to providing a top-notch education that will help prepare your children for success in high school and beyond.

Fine Arts
The fine arts—dance, drama, music, and visual arts—are fundamental ways of learning and thinking. In addition to their intrinsic value, the arts contribute to children’s development.
Our Art Department has developed a newsletter which provides information about the connection between art and the Illinois State Goals. Our yearly Fine Arts Fair, assemblies for families and community, and culminating dramatic production make our school unique.
Recognizing the bond between music and academic achievement, Blaine continues its commitment to musical instruction at all grade levels.

Common Core Standards are followed by all teachers to ensure appropriate concepts are taught throughout each grade level.

Language Arts
Daily language arts instruction at Blaine School takes place through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The goal of our language arts program is to develop literate students who can communicate on a high level in both verbal and written form. With the help of programs such as Links to Literacy, and the Accelerated Reading program in the Blaine School Library Media Center, students are reading and enjoying more books than ever before. We also participate in the Young Authors and Junior Great Books programs. Our entire staff and many of our parents have received comprehensive training with the Great Books Foundation. We are the Chicago demonstration and showcase school for this technique.

The “Battle of the Books” program has also promoted reading among our students. This program assembles a team of 4th – 8th grade students who discuss books, and prepare for CPS’ annual Battle of the Books competition in the spring.

The Common Core Standards are followed by all teachers to ensure appropriate concepts are taught throughout each grade level.

Everyday Mathematics, developed at the University of Chicago, is used to teach students in kindergarten through 5th grade real world mathematics concepts. Highlights of the program include problem-solving for everyday situations, basic number facts, reinforcing arithmetic skills, and underpinning basic algebra concepts. Communication skills are essential components of the program and are developed through class discussion and written exercises. Everyday Mathematics is rich in mathematical language, and filled with thought-provoking challenges.

Students in 6th – 8th grades use Connected Math. This program is divided into 24 units containing four to seven investigations for students to explore in class. Connected Math emphasizes significant connections among mathematical ideas and between mathematics and other content areas.

The Common Core Standards are followed by all teachers to ensure appropriate concepts are taught throughout each grade level.

The aim of Science education is to develop a rich and full understanding of the key concepts and principles of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth & Space Sciences.  Scientific Inquiry is embedded in the societal issues of Science, Technology, and Engineering within historical, contemporary, and futuristic contexts. Students learn through hands-on investigations, real world projects, and engage in both real and virtual experiments.

Next Generation Science Standards, cross-cutting concepts, and practices are adopted by all teachers at each grade level.

Blaine School features Internet access throughout the school, computer-cart labs that rotate throughout the school on a regular basis, and a state of the art technology lab complete with a 3-D printer. All students (K-8) have access to the lab. Plus, nearly every room is equipped with a state-of-the-art Promethean Board — an interactive whiteboard that incorporates the benefits of an overhead projector and an audio/visual system with the technologies of a computer.

Social Sciences
The Blaine School Social Sciences Program seeks to broaden each student’s awareness and knowledge of the world in which he or she lives. Starting locally and expanding to include our global neighbors, students learn valuable skills such as identifying and examining problems, formulating opinions, and making decisions. Blaine students participate in an annual Social Studies Fair that allows students to explore and learn about the various cultures of our world. Teachers and students present an assembly with songs, dances, and information about a country.

The Common Core Standards are followed by all teachers to ensure appropriate concepts are taught throughout each grade level.

Library Lab
Thanks to the Friends of Blain (FOB), our Library Media Center has been transformed into the Blaine Library Lab complete with a Makers Space!  Whiteboard tables, flexible seating, 3-D printers, tools and equipment, are all available for hands-on creativity to complete STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects.  Our library area offers shelves of picture books, fiction books, and informational text resources as well as games and manipulatives for building, making and creating in response to literature.  Soft seating makes it a comfortable space to read and relax.  

​​​​​​​Physical Education & Family Life

The Physical Education classes emphasize wellness, fitness, and team-building skills.
Children in Pre-K – 3 will learn and continue to refine skills and concepts centered on several themes. Activities are put into the contexts of appropriate games; dance and rhythms; and educational gymnastics. Activities for children in grades 4-8 will focus on combining the basic skills and concepts into more advanced and dynamic activities. Our focus is on the success and learning for all students, rather than winning and competition.

Early Childhood Programs
Blaine School proudly offers Chicago Ready to Learn Pre-School for three and four year olds.
For more information check out our Preschool page by clicking here.

Diverse Learners / Special Education 
Blaine takes a multi-tiered (MTSS) approach to education for our diverse learners.  We use instructional frameworks to help assess and address challenges early in a student's educational life.  Research based interventions (RTI and PBIS) are adjusted to the needs of the child and frequent monitoring by teachers and support staff help focus their efforts.