Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build a safe and supportive community whose members work together
each day to develop and advance our knowledge of our world, our knowledge of each
other, and our ability to operate with skill and proficiency and integrity in our academic,
professional, social and civic lives.

Our Values:

*Unity through Teamwork
*Safety through Respect
*Achievement through Effort

Our Vision:

Blaine is a place where students feel competent, safe, supported, inspired and
connected. They are empowered with the idea that they are responsible for their own
learning and they continuously work to better themselves as a result. Staff members
engage in a continuous cycle of research, collaboration, reflection and professional
growth. They engage students in an appropriately challenging curriculum while using
instructional strategies that give students a genuine opportunity to master the
knowledge, skills, and essential understandings within and across the academic,
technological, health and fine arts disciplines. Members of our school community
come together with the best interest of our students as the driving force for our work.